Helping Cities Respond to Emergency Food Crises.

Improved planning and partnerships for emergency food response and recovery.

Yesterday’s solutions are not the answer to today’s food crises.

Over a decade ago, we foresaw the need to revamp solutions to growing emergency food demands. Every city knows we are facing another food crisis but are not equipped with adequate plans to support the need. The institutions they rely on to help them solve the problem are no longer adequate and are an outdated model. It is time to update our emergency food planning to handle today’s food crises.

Our Vision
Our vision is to transform emergency food response and recovery in cities globally.
Our Approach
Our work is centered around the innovative concept of Sustained Emergency Food Planning. We are developing and testing new models for emergency food response that leverage local assets to better align with current realities. Our process involves participatory research, rigorous data analysis, and maintaining current food asset maps.


We offer a streamlined approach that helps communities develop effective plans and strategies for their city’s unique food system that incorporates learnings from cities globally.

The Food Crisis Platform is a place you can visit to hear from a community of engaging people and explore the latest in emergency food planning innovations and research.

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